1 subwoofer with 2 inputs

Okay so i have this polk audio 10" subwoofer that is rated at 270w rms and 540w peak, it is a 4 ohm speaker which my amp can handle (amp can go down to 2ohm) the what i presume the product code is: DB104DVC.
My question is that there is 2 sets of speaker terminals, what are theese for and how can i use them?
DB104DVC is a Dual Voice Coil subwoofer, each voice coil has 4-ohm nominal impedance.
1. You can connect those two coils in parallel to get 2-ohm mono subwoofer. You have to sum left and right audio channel before the amplifier.
2. You can connect one voice coil to the left channel of the amplifier output, and second voice coil to the right channel of the amp, to get 4-ohm stereo subwoofer.