1.8" LCD 202,000 Pixels!

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Okay, I see that plans using LCD screens in their projectors are usually around 5 inches average. Would using a smaller one be better? I'm able to import a product that is incredibly small. Normally a 4 inch LCD has somewhere in the neighborhood of 89,000 pixels. Here are the specs of the LCD that I will be importing:

1.8" Minature 12V DC Color Display w/built-in speaker
202,000 Pixels (Yes that's not a typo)
6' Power/Video/Audio cable with RCA inputs
AC Adapter & Battery pack included

This is possibly one of the best mini color displays on the planet! If this turns out working really well for projectors, enabling them to be smaller than before, then I can import these products to the consumer.

Please contact me if you're interested in picking up a module.
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Commercial selling is not allowed on this board.

But if you like to post a link where interested persons can see the product that would be very helpful.

Anyone who does want further information on your product can always contact you by email.
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It could be.

Its hard to tell for sure because some suppliers multiply the pixel count by 3 because they say there is red green and blue so what you end up with is an lcd with an inflated pixel count and its actually a low resolution panel.

Post a link and someone will be able to tell you.
This looks great to me!

Yeap, this looks cool to me... but i know very little about this so...

anyway... what sort of cost would these be?

are we talking loads... or reasonable...

do you know if it would be easy to use in a slide projector??? will it need tinkering before it can be used....

and when will you get one or more?///
should i rush ouyt an buy a slide projecotr now???

cheer for you time... sounds cool... but as i said... i know no-fink!
Sorry about the mistake ppl. But the display is a mini-color screen. I'm not sure if it's better than LCD, but I figure screen is better than LCD, no pixilazation. So when image is blown up, the picture still looks really good. I'll post up complete info about it later today.

:confused: I don't know what "mini color screen" is. There's dlp (which it aint because this only works for projection) crt, lcd, and plasma (again - it isn't likely because of the size, and this is only direct view) so its probably lcd :xeye: But.. I've always favored the idea of finding a really small lcd like this so that I could use it in a slide projector. The advantage is that you can find a used projector cheap, and there are tons of good lenses out there that don't need any modification. Its ready to go as-is, and you can upgrade the light (and add fans) as needed. So I'm eager to find out more about this
Nexzus said:
Is it this one?

I, too, was thinking about that one, but discarded the idea when I found the actual specs:


Like I said in a previous post, the contrast is decent enough, but the resolution is the pits.

Sorry :(

Nexzus, do you have a review of this screen. It looks pretty decent to me (newbie) looking for a small solution. Can the backlight be stripped off? Would you be able to use it in a slide projector, or would the heat fry it?

Also, just noticed that the site Nexzus posted has this page for a mini TFT with speaker (sony)--is this it?

20,000 doesn't sound right either...pass some chew.

First, If THEY don't even know the specs, this doesn't exactly make me want to purchase something from their store. But, maybe you've stumbled onto something that is a great find and you can use their ignorance to your advantage. If you use their slip-up to talk em down a bit on the price this could be a pretty good 200k mini-projector.

Read down for the blah-blah-blah:

Why would I guess it's actually around 200,000?! I don't think you could even get a viewable picture from it if it was 20k. Merely a bunch of colored dots flickering to make some sort of shadow. More...

Some horrible lcd tv's from Casio 12 years ago were sold that had ~39k pixels. Those were very unwatchable. I don't think Sony would actually put this out with only 20k pix, a semi-/modern colored lcd with video inputs. The lcd tv's from the mid 80's actually had this resolution. Looking at those it was hard to say what you were watching at times.

Here is a link to a german site which is a sort of museum of lcd tv's, posted before. Check out the 80's tv's with ~20000 total pixel count! Sprechen Sie LCD-sch?Franks LCD TV Museum Semi-New and Old models

200000 total pixel's is slightly higher than we usually see for this size and designed for use as a monitor. Typically/Till now, we see less on Sony's consumer personal tv products. The 2 inch TFT LCD Sony Watchman's at the local drug store in the US are over 100,000 total pixels.

Additionally, this boards' design and it's plugs don't look like they're early/mid 90's (ancient/lower rez) style either. So, I feel it's a newer design.

I think we can assume it was to be used for some semi-higher-end product that didn't sell well (at-all) fairly recently...conjecture though...maybe, Playstation goggles? The low end Sony Glasstron/Olympus FMD VR glasses only have around 180,000 total pixels in comparison. Maybe a single panel VR glasses model didn't go over well?

The 440 lines of resolution would make me believe it's actually closer to the higher value too, but of course this is their screwy ad too, so who knows! This is what the Sony pdf file says, though. Too bad it doesn't have SVHS or DVD input's, only RCA. Maybe, the schematic shows a connection available that could be soldered on. Didn't look close yet at the schematic. Did notice it will operate up to 60+ Celcius operating, storage to +85.

So, if anyone is game I wouldn't laugh. If it's actually the one listed on the pdf file I would go for it. Best thing to do is contact them directly. I'll give it a go soon, if no one else has already. If they read the model number off the board and it matches that Sony, I'll take one.

What happen to you guy's (Sharkwong) who purchased the Unipac lcd's? Did anyone get those up and running?

Even more blah-blah-blah:

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Sush' out
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