1"-1.5" fullrange driver.


2016-03-24 12:31 pm
Hello I am looking for a 1" to 1.5" full range loudspeaker driver to implement in my project. Only ones I found in internet are Dayton and Visaton. It is frustrating to search in internet it always finds bluetooth speaker. I would love to check out other products.

I'm thinking about building my own speakers and I would like to use 1-1,5" monitors.
Little problem is, that in my country (Czech) there is not lot of speakers to buy. So I would like to buy something from ebay (but speakers from USA has very high shipment. Even higher then the product cost itself :D )

But I looked, that there are some "JBL/Harman Kardon" OEM spare speakers. Are they what Planet10 meant? For the price they looks pretty good, but there are not any datasheets etc. :/

Thank you :)
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The 1st is very much like the 1” HK/JBL driver out of a 2nd generation iMac.

The 2nd i would guess are for one of HKs dedicated computer speakers. Kinda pricey.

Those are in China. Shipping is cheap (free), that puts the price into contrast. I could give you some (i would too) but shipping is going to exceed those prices.

Thanks for reply.
Yes, the shipping is very problematic.
E.g. Aura Sound NSW1-205-8A cost on eBay 17.80$/pcs, but shipping is 22.25$ :(

On the other hand, I just want to make something little better then cheap "10$ BT repro" and I want to try it to make myself :)

BTW is there something like "bass" speaker in this size? :D