ground loop

  1. O

    ATX power supply noise.

    If your looking for a low electrical noise power supply avoid the Seasonic S12II ATX power supply. I assume it is causing by ground loop issues. My computer's "earth" is full of RF noise in the MHz region that is when shorted with a cap a clear 50 Hz can be seen on a scope, I was wondering if...
  2. cuibono

    USB galvanic isolation

    Check out this cool new gizmo: It isolates usb device's ground connections. For instance, my laptop causes my usb soundcard to hum when connected to an amp - I use a ground lifter on the laptop to get rid of it, but this gizmo is probably safer.
  3. P

    Intercomponent ground loop hum

    Just finished my open baffle full range speakers with plate amp for each speaker. Also just finished my simple se tubelab amp. I'm using a cj pv2aR pre amp. The crossover for the full range is a series cap mounted in the cj pre amp. No hum when plugging in the cd direct to the amp. ( plate...