1. gordonhunsaker

    Litz coils or solid core?

    Looking for feedback on if switching Solen 0.91 mH 18G solid core inductors on a pair of paralleled Focal 5K013L mid/woofers (speakers use an Accuton [Ceratech] C22-11 Tweeter) to respective 0.91 mH 16G {16G to achieve same DCR as solid core coils of 0.45 ohm} Solen Heptalitz coils would make...
  2. henrylrjr

    Three way crossover question

    Hi all, The attached sketches are of outboard 3 way crossovers I designed and built for use with B&W P6 speakers. I'm hoping someone can tell me what order it is or what it would be called. And does it seem a reasonable design? The speakers are connected to a system including an OPPO BDP-95...
  3. coresta

    Any interest here for PLLXO ?

    Hi ! I've been working successfully on this type of crossover and ask myself if somebody would be interested in using these on a home multiway system ... :rolleyes: I'd see a "plug and play" black box with a CF tube amplifier inside . Freqs would be fix ,12dB slope only. :hohoho:
  4. V

    Crossover for BMS 4590 driver

    Does anyone have any schematics for any proven "custom" crossovers for the BMS4590 ( 8 ohm ones) I have been unsucessfully attempting the flatten the response of these drivers by adding notch filters etc. ( running in a 200hz Le Cleach horn crossed actively @ 350hz) I have looked on the web...
  5. R

    5KHz passive crossover

    Hi! I need to make a 5Khz crossover for a 2-way speaker. woofer 30W, tweeter 15W. Can you people help, please? Thanks in advance. RJ.
  6. P

    Tweeter and design for Eton, ATC mid.

    Hi, Can someone give me advice please. I have purchased a pair of Eton 11-581 woofers (eBay) and ATC SM75-150s midranges because they were good prices (maybe not the best selection approach). What is a good tweeter to combine with this setup up to US$300 each? Does anyone know of a passive...
  7. L

    Crossover Points for Full Range Loudspeakers

    Hi All, Quick question to the wealth of knowledge here. I am designing some PA style loudspeaker cabinets; 1 is a 15" driver (500w) + 3" (1.5" exit) compression driver (80w) the other is a 12" (400w) + 1.75" (1" exit) (50w) I have been looking around and cannot seem to find any solid...
  8. elac310

    mid frequencies X-over: cap or inductor first?

    Hello all, I never really cared about the order of connections of the serial capacitor and the serial inductor in the X-over branch devoted to the mid frequencies in a classical 3 way system...until some time ago I had to rewire the X-overs of my self made speakers and wondering whether the cap...
  9. C

    Crossover calculations (e.g., ESS Heil AMT)

    I have some difficulties in figuring out how to calculate the frequency cut off and the attenuation of the two cross over attached. Those are from ESS AMT Monitors. The figure 1 (filter 1) is copied from an ESS schematic. The figure 2 (filter 2) is what I drew from my ESS AMT 1E monitor from...
  10. C

    Crossover Nightmare/Sleepless Nights

    Hi Guys I'm hoping for some assistance. I'm building my own set of 2-way loudspeakers based on a design by Wilmslow audio. I'm at the stage now where I think that my speakers are about done but I have concerns about my crossovers and I'm hoping that you guys can clarify a few things. I've...