How do I edit my profile?

1. After you have logged in, you will see a horizontal menu starting with Home / Forums / Rules / Articles / ... the 9th one will be "User CP". 2. Click on the down pointing arrow just beside "User CP" and a drop-down menu will appear. Then click once on "Your Profile". 3. A new page will open and you will see 4 tabs, namely: About Me / Statistics / Friends / Contact Info. 4. By default, you will be in the "About Me" tab. If not, click on that tab. 5. You will then see "About [Your User Name]"' and below that, Biography / Location / Interests / etc. 6. Right beside "Biography", for example, is a small pencil-like icon. Click on that and a small box will open. Here you can type whatever you want other members to know regarding yourself. Tip: If you find that the box is too small because you are unable to see everything that you have written down all at once, try opening another text editor like notepad or editpad where you can see everything you are typing and editing. When you are happy with what you have composed, then you can just copy and paste what you have written into the small box under "Biography". The same goes for all the others; e.g.,Location, Interests, etc.