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RCA LC9A Cabinets Hand Painted White

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When I originally purchased the LC9A cabinets it was my intention to restore them while I searched for the original woofers, compression drivers and crossovers to complete them. As you can see by the photos I've already removed about 95% of the white paint.

I'm disabled, and yes I knew when I purchased the LC9As, restoring the cabinets would be a long, slow & painful process for me! However to me the thought of owning a pair of these very rare LC9A speakers completely restored with all original components inside was well worth the effort & pain to me.

Unfortunately my dream began to unravel and come to an end in August of 2007. While I was sitting at a red light in Aug 07 I was stuck by another motor vehicle doing 50mph from behind. It hit my vehicle with such force it totaled the woman's car who hit me, it totaled my truck & damaged the two cars that were in the line in front of me!

That accident "triggered" the degenerative nature of my disability & caused it to progress at a much more accelerated rate. If I were to attempt to continue restoring these speakers it would not only take me many years to complete this project but, it would be extremely painful for me to do.

So I've decided to give someone else who can honestly get them restored a chance at doing so and enjoying them. I'm just waiting to get a decent offer for everything...
Date: Fri March 5, 2010

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