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Default Burning Amplifier BA-3


In the BA-1 and BA-2 projects we constructed two different amplifiers using very similar input and voltage gain stages (aka the “front ends”), but used them to drive two different Class A Mosfet follower output stages. Now we are going to flip this approach and begin...

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19th September 2011
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Thank you Zen Mod! For some strange reason I didn't see the pics in my previous visit. I will continue on https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-...-new-post.html for any other comments/questions. Tnx once again!
20th September 2011
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I like the part before "You probably skipped over the previous section to get to this part."

Manu, masked agent of entropy & ZMs Čiko
21st September 2011
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Thank you very much!
24th September 2011
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dear pass,
thanking you for sending me new burning amplifier .i want to love you.plz send me the copper side of pcb for making that.if pcb is available in india plz send the adress.
thanks alots
5th October 2011
Andrej Maximov
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Q3, Q4 - ? Was ist das?
8th October 2011
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Nelson Pass
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The balanced version, BBA-3, has been posted on the BA-3 thread on the
Sticky Portion of the Pass Labs Forum. starting at post # 247.

19th October 2011
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Kitting up for the BBA-3 now...
I think I will first adjust offsets and harmonics on the two "halfs" in SE configuration and then repeat after changing to balanced.
Can anybody tell me the make of the flat trim pots that Papa uses?
19th November 2011
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Am I forbidden to attach a .GIF drawing here?
It uploaded fine, but never showed, so I deleted.

An automatic offset balance for BA2 front end...
4th February 2012
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Inspiring. Nice design, nice build.
22nd May 2012
Melon Head
Sorry Nelson
The first performance graph is a little confusing.
Are you saying that the performance of the front end has this distortion (eg driving a 50k load) or are you saying the entire circuit with follower output driving an 8 Ohm load has this distrortion?

Either way I think I will build a balanced version of this amp driving a circlotron (follower output), I designed a while back.

Bloody nice work by the way (as usual).

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