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Default De-Lite Amplifier


The third annual Burning Amp Festival was held in San Francisco last October, drawing a couple hundred DIY Audio enthusiasts, many from long distances. At previous BAF gatherings I have simply brought a truckload of parts that might appeal to DIYers, but this year an...

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16th January 2011
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Dear Mr Pass,
I really appreciate that you shared this amplifier design,I have built the SOZ with 10w output four years ago.Right now,I am looking for your new amplifier.I guess this one is the best choice. I have two idea to modify this amplifier.I expect you can take a few of you time have a review and give your suggestion.

1. May we use a single-end output transformer to replace the R2 and remove the output capacitor?If we can change this,what primary impedance of the output transformer should be the best to match this amplifier? Not sure whether impact the amplifier performance?

2. May I use the SJEP120R100 to replace the power MOSFET?I guess the distortion will be reduced.

I am expecting your reply.You help will be great appreciated.

16th January 2011
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There is an article in Linear Audio Volume One which deals exactly with the questions you have posted. There is a schematic and everything.
Linear Audio | your tech audio resource
2nd July 2011
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Hi i am living in australia and im quite keen to build the amp in this article-is there anything that needs to be changed in the design to run on 240 volts AC and how many watts rms does it end up putting out? Im very new at building this sort of thing so any advice would be appreciated
23rd July 2011
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Newest group buy thread ( R100 )

25th August 2011
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Isn't grounding the output (to protect the speaker) a short-circuit?
Why is it different in this case? Thanks. Vince
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3rd June 2012
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What is the Value of c2, c3, c4, and the number of available mosfets? And the voltage of the incandecent light? Thanks
8th February 2015
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A cheap alternative to bulbs...
A toaster element heater

3rd July 2015
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THD should be lower, if we use negative feedback. I've built this amplifier, but with negative feedback and lower voltage (12v), and it sounds great
14th November 2015
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Here's a must read article , to understand how Depletion mode MosFet's work.
An introduction to Depletion-mode MOSFETs By Linden Harrison

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