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Default Arpeggio Loudspeaker

A loudspeaker engineered for single-ended triode amplifiers

This article...

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13th April 2013
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I own a pair of FE166ES-R, Bottlehead S.E.X. amp w/ iron supplement and C4S upgrade, Marchand XM1 crossover, and powered subs. I've been using the crossover and sub with a pair of CHR70 folded half towers which sound very nice! So nice that I barely listen to the fostex/bottlehead combo.
I would like to get rid of the Fostex BLHs and try the Arpeggios. This would allow me to have a nice A-B setup reminiscent of my old studio days.
I've studied Mr Morgan's great article and arrived at a volume of 17.32 L and Fe of 83.63hz.
I'm looking for some advice concerning the zobel and output impedance from the experts out there. It seems like i am on the right track?
Thanks in advance.
24th September 2015
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Now that the 166FE has been replaced by the 166Fn, has there been a reqork of the Arpeggio design?
12th October 2015
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My idea was to use 3/4 baltic plywood with a different method of assembly and i found the actual volume seems more close to 16 litre instead of 18 litre it suppose to be.

I am wrong
24th May 2017
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Thankyou. It was this article that made me decide on a pair of Fe166 drivers to explore the set/fullrange phenomenon further. You by sharing make all of us a little wiser

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