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souldriver 17th March 2011 08:17 AM

Guide to build Hypex Modules

I am absolutely a newbie in amp diy but as i had read all the positive treads about that than i decided to try this way too. So after analising what it is going on the market i bought some modules from hypex (2 Modules UCD 400 Hrx, Softstart and the SMPTS 1200/400). i wanted to have best quality and a easy to build. Yesterday i got them (thanks to hypex, very fast and safe delivery-perfect!). Now i am not sure if this is so easy to put tem together. i am quit familar with building PC stuff, but this seems to be a it more complicate...and also more dangerous. So here my question. Is there somewhere a guide (with pictures?) to put these modules and all the connections (RCA, XLR and LS bindingsposts) together? I tried the search function but i could not find something like that and i guess there are a lot people who will appreciate a detailed guide.
So i would be very pleased to get some help. Thanks a lot.


luka 17th March 2011 08:53 AM

First I would test SMPS and Soft start, so that you know everything is ok with supply
You put AC to softstart, then out of softS goes to smps AC input.

That I think should be enough to produce voltages (don't know if there is any minimum load for smps)

If it gives rated voltages, then connect one of the amps, after supply has been turned off for "1min" (to discharge capacitors). Then you have + and - and gnd to conenct (there also could be some other, if amp needs more then only main voltage)

Speaker connected to output (at least some 4-16R resistor), no input connected yet...
power it up, and check that there is 0Vdc offset on output
If so, turn off supply, add input to amp, find 50Hz test tone, low volume on source
10% would do... turn on smps... and check that you read some AC voltage... if you do, you can replace resistor with speaker, if you don't already have

Do the same with other amp (one at the time, so that you know they both work)
And that should be it

fram 17th March 2011 11:37 AM

hum, i think you don't need a soft start with a SMPS power supply...

dublin78 17th March 2011 12:21 PM

I don't think that you need a soft start either. It is designed for use with the transformer based linear supply.

luka 17th March 2011 02:21 PM

you don't need, but doesn't hurt to have limited current, unless it is already on smps itself

souldriver 17th March 2011 08:48 PM

Thank Luka for your help (you have a nice homepage :) )i will follow your suggestions but if somebody has some pictures i would really appreciate that. so i can go with the softstart modul as well? is there any advantage or even desadvantage when i will use a softstart?

Thanks again to everybody;)

luka 17th March 2011 11:28 PM

hey thanks for that, always trying to make it better, but lack the feedback on that

Yes you can go with softstart too, I always use one with my own smps
advantage would be soft start
desadvantage more circuit to use, but now that you have, I would use it

what kinda picture are you looking for(I mean I know what you want, but picture won't make it any more clear... but if you feel that it will, post the picture of smps and amp on the same one... and I guess we can draw some lines up and down), isn't there any from hypex?

souldriver 19th March 2011 03:47 PM

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Luka, thanks a lot for your help. :)

So i will go with softstart. Now, unfortunately i could not find anything "draw" from Hypex (they should do that....a lot more potential customer would appreciate such a help!).

So Luka, i will put a picture just below. tell me if this will work.;)


luka 19th March 2011 05:32 PM

just let me find all data of those 3 units, coz don't know pinouts yet

souldriver 19th March 2011 06:46 PM

Great! :)
Thanks a lot.

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