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Jeff Glowacki 16th July 2013 07:23 AM


It has been some time since I have posted. My apologies. However, it sound like you may have bumped into some very good resolve by accident. First, let me address your concern emailed during our down time. The leads on Sonicaps are not fragile at all. I can only guess that your XO has been man handled over time, or installed under some stress. Leads breaking just does not commonly occur. As a matter of fact, lead size and type are selected for more robustness at the expense of some sonic performance. Had I been on vacation, I probably would have been checking email and replied. I was very busy planning our future expansion, and working on our long overdue E-commerce site. Again, my apologies. By the time I had seen your email, I had also read your post above. I knew you were in a good place.

I have learned to avoid altering the advice of designers. I only do when I find their advice particularly egregious. The Platinum is an improvement, but I feel that other caps like the standard Mundorf Supreme without bypass to be better for the OW1. The OW1 is detailed and consistent, but a bit too bright for me. A Sonicap G1 would not be my first choice, but it beat the heck out of a Solen, Bennic, Erse, Dayton, etc.... If the tweeter was more laid back, then the G1 might have been the perfect go to cap.

You may also find the Platinum as a nice bypass to the Supreme.


A large radius cut on the inside of the woofer mounting hole is the only way to go. This is standard practice...for me anyway. The thicker the front panel, the more it helps, and the more you can give it.

stellablues 19th July 2013 03:17 AM

Moving to the supremes would be around 300$ and require one of the caps to be two parallel instead of one. how to evaluate whether this would be a significant improvement or not. I agree something feels a bit bright and lacking harmonic richness with G1 on my 1801s.

DavidLS 27th July 2013 04:19 PM

apologies for slow reply - still here and still enjoying the music. Imagine everything is mostly broken in by now. I think the upgrade has been significant - combination of new wire, caps, upgraded connectors and black hole stuffing. Can't compare to how it was before but can compare to my other speakers (which I used to prefer so much that the Ellis' sat on my work bench unused for 1+ years).

My front baffle has a round over - not significant but not sure if this is what Dave's article had in mind as I don't see any photos. My baffle is a piece of solid mahogany - but not about to start over with a router on my boxes.

I have been thinking about using the platinums as a bypass but the sonicraft caps are small with short arms and they are wanting to bypass the Mundorfs which are long and broad. A challenging coupling - guess I will need to buy some more hookup wire to extend the connectors (me and connectors haven't had best relationship as Jeff notes) to reach both ends of the mundorfs.

Jeff Glowacki 17th August 2013 07:41 AM


I'm am probably the post delinquent poster of them all:o

I am glad to hear things are sounding good. I do not think I would take a router to those cabinets at this point either. Email me with a request for wire. I'll send you some free UPOCC in Teflon remnants. They will make for excellent extensions;)

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