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john65b 31st December 2015 12:11 AM

ICEPower 500A Evaluation Module Question
Hello all,

I have an ICEPower Evaluation Module that comes without SMPS, but with caps and rectifier for a Linear Power supply (just add your transformer). There is an AC Input connector that is same type of connector used for the 500A Voltage power rail and speaker outs.

There are 8 pins, and looking at the connector, the top left pair of pins go to AC on rectifier, and kitty corner to these is another pair of pins that connect to the other AC connection of rectifier. This is where I will put the 0V - 50VAC transformer winding to make the 72VDC rail. The pair just below the power connection are common and connect to the PS ground pins on caps and audio ground.

Now the other pair to the side of power connectors are not "shared", and I think they should be for 12VAC and 12VAC transformer connections (me thinks) that make up the +/-15VDC. I cannot trace these as they disappear under the modules...

Can anyone confirm these connections?? Don't wanna blow these up...

john65b 31st December 2015 01:01 AM

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This is what I believe the connections should be...

john65b 31st December 2015 02:03 PM

Nobody? I have seen these Evaluation Modules for sale before here...

Cresnet 1st January 2016 08:35 AM

I am really not sure if any of these modules will accept AC voltage, to the best of my knoledge, these modules usually takes DC voltage from the ASP-1000.

However, I found this for you Class-D amplifiers, opinions please - Page 3

Also you can go back to the manual

john65b 1st January 2016 01:39 PM

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Yes, thanks - I should have made myself more clear - I have built tons of ICEPower amps - ones with their own SMPS and regular amps based around the non powered amp modules (ie 500A) building a separate Linear Power Supply with 72VDC and +/-15VDC.

What I have is a ICEPower Evaluation Module that consists of two 500A modules on a larger PCB with PS caps, rectifiers, pair of XLR Jacks and Neutrik Speakon speaker out connections.. This evaluation Module has an AC Input Connector that allows the connection of a transformer (all other components of a linear power supply are already on the board).

These modules do not come up that often. See pic (not mine - from another member here that posted these for sale years ago)

The ones in front of pic are like the evaluation modules I have. This was a pic from a member here years ago that sold his modules. The evl modules in front are the (dual) 500A and ones in back are (singular) 1000A...

The single square steel object in middle of 500A eval module is the heat sink fitted over the main PS rectifier for the Vp. Behind it is the AC Connector. I have not yet found the rectifier for the +/- 15VDC from tracing the board...

At first sight I thought these were made for subwoofer use maybe? But why two channel? I hope the PCB circuits do not have frequency limitations limiting the Eval module for subwoodfer duty only, like the 1000A modules (amplify to 3khz only). I have removed the actual 500A modules and compared them to regular 500A modules and look fine...but was hoping to build an amp by just adding tranny - like a Henry Ho H20 Amp (500A based amp with Class A Linear power Supply)...

I am just too lazy to get my camera to take the pic. New years res to be less lazy.

Cresnet 2nd January 2016 09:57 PM

Most of the ICEPOWER amplifiers are full range, they use digital X-Overs for the Sub woofer or the Bi-Amp configuration.

john65b 10th January 2016 01:47 AM

OK, I got the voltages correct - my previous post was incorrect - just the mirror image of what I posted - confirmed by the voltages at the alternate connections on side (+15V GrndA -15V and Vp - Grndp)

Anyway, looks like the modules are still not working - the Vp is getting to the modules, but the 15VDC -0 - -15VDC are not getting to module - the external control connection header probably needs a trigger to allow these to connect to the module....

No one has the pinout connections for the external control pinouts?

john65b 10th January 2016 04:56 PM

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Ha! I finally got it. The slow ramp up to 70VDC and +/- 12VDC on variac was preventing the system from completely turniing on. Once I left variac at 120VAC and switched power on, the whole system started up perfectly.

And just in case anyone was still interested, the correct AC pinout on unit is now corrected, and also a pic of where the rectifier for Vp and AC connector is

Nisbeth 13th January 2016 05:58 PM

Missed this but I should have the EVM schematic if you are interested?


john65b 15th January 2016 03:16 AM

Yes, as I would still like to confirm my connections - Thanks!!

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