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sometimesuk 16th November 2012 06:31 PM

Petition for High Definition Music Downloads.

I’m trying to start a petition to try and get Record Labels (and Retailers) to release High Definition music downloads (24 Bit) of popular mainstream music that people actually want to listen to. Many of the websites selling 24 Bit music mainly offer classical and other obscure music that doesn’t have mainstream appeal, there seems to be nowhere where people can download popular High Definition music.

Another major problem in the industry is the “loudness wars” – This is where the volume of the recording is turned up to grab the listener’s attention upon first hearing. They make both the loud and quite passages loud, so that there is very little difference between them in terms of dynamic range – The music has become compressed and often distorted.

While this is fine for radio broadcasts, it also means that listening to such music can often become tiring and many people experience listeners fatigue. When music isn’t compressed it actually increases people’s enjoyment and they also hear the music the way the artist originally intended.

Many music lovers would be satisfied with non-compressed CD’s or 16Bit Downloads, but it is obvious the generally public seem to be content with the poor quality records currently on offer. This is because they have been sold a lie and haven’t been told that there is better. You only have to speak to a handful of people to quickly find out that many are not fussed with music and could quite easily take it or leave it. This is a direct reflection on the quality of records available today, the high levels of compression used is making music unlistenable and unenjoyable.

It’s not realistic to expect this situation to change overnight but an increasing number of music lovers are getting fed up and want to access music that hasn’t been heavily compressed. One way to do this is to offer High Resolution - Studio Quality Recordings (24 Bit). This would differentiate uncompressed music in the market place and would also attract many people as they seek the “best” in the process. It would also have the benefit of reintroducing people to music the way it’s meant to sound.

16 Bit (CD) recordings have been available for 30 years now and instead of sound quality improving it has at best stagnated and in terms of downloads has managed to go backwards. It’s about time the industry took a leap forward and offered quality 24 Bit recordings. The playback technology is readily available, even modestly priced equipment and portables such as the iPod can support 24 Bit playback, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t happen.

If you want change then please show your support and sign the petition:

There is also a Facebook Group, intended to act as a focal point for anyone who shares the above views and wishes to get involved:

We want High Definition music downloads:

prairieboy 16th November 2012 07:24 PM

the link didn't work ...

sometimesuk 16th November 2012 08:24 PM

link now updated

Soundtrackmixer 19th November 2012 01:22 AM

While I admire the OP's fervor for increased support for high resolution audio, it is not going to come in the form signatures. It will only come when the avid and the average listener support it with their dollars. Money talks, and a signature is cheap.

What motivate record companies is money, that is our signature of support for anything to them. Anything less, and they dismiss it as white or pink noise, and summarily dismiss it as a distraction.

Money, money, money!!!

pooge 19th November 2012 03:23 AM

I was just going to make a post and saw this thread. I am looking for some recommendations for uncompressed music samples, preferably freely downloadable samples for now. I'm just looking for some samples right now, preferably in HiRez. I just want to hear what uncompressed sounds like.

sometimesuk 19th November 2012 06:45 AM

If you don't mind classical music, there are some very good records here:

High Resolution Music DOWNLOAD services .:. FLAC in free TEST BENCH

Let us know what you think

KaffiMann 19th November 2012 12:45 PM


I know they have some tunes at Some of it is very popular material, but only for US residents. Have heard about people managing to register there from abroad as well. Just as long as you do not select the country you live in, or you have an US address you have access to.

Big fan of 2L btw. They have excellent recordings. Not so much pop though, as OP points out.

sometimesuk 20th November 2012 07:45 PM


After listening to the peoples comments on various forums the petition title has been changed to:

“Stop the loudness wars and release High Definition Music Downloads”

Petition Link: Petition | Stop the loudness wars and release High Definition Music Downloads |

Facebook Group:

I had emailed all those who signed the petition for comment before doing so.

Please note that while many would like to see a fundamental change within the industry so that no record is heavily compressed, this is not realistic as no doubt the record labels / retailers would argue that many people prefer the music “louder” (Even though we may fundamentally disagree).

Instead the petition focus would be for record labels and retailers to offer uncompressed downloads alongside the “mainstream offering” in the download market in both 16 Bit & 24 Bit format. It’s not realistic to expect an uncompressed CD to be brought to market alongside the “normal” version.

My personal opinion is that if a new product market is created the focus should be on 24 Bit downloads and advertised as “the best”, as even modestly priced equipment is able to playback 24 Bit files and it’s also important for the industry to move forward.

If you agree and haven’t already done so, please sign the petition and ask your friends to do so too.

If change is ever going to happen then we need people’s participation. Thanks

Pano 20th November 2012 07:59 PM

It sure seems like a good market to me. Offer higher bitrate downloads, but especially offer better mastering with less dynamic compression. I'd pay for that. Even the "hi-res" downloads I've bought seem to be very dynamically compressed. What's the point?

jtwrace 20th November 2012 08:01 PM

This album is great! Cookie does fantastic work too.

Blue Coast Collection | Blue Coast Records

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