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JCoffey 25th September 2003 05:35 PM

Interested in building an Aleph, tons o' newbie questions
Ok, I've been bitten by the DIY bug from working on some gainclones that I'm building, and I'm interested in building a Pass amp. I've had my eye on them for years, but it only recently I've started getting up the nerve to try it.

First, just how complicated are these amps to build? From looking at some of the PCBs available, I wouldnt think building it would be as difficult as choosing the best parts to use, lol. (found that out trying to decide on parts for the gainclones.) And which are the best PCB's being used at this point?

Second, what are the average wattages of the different models?Since I live in an apartment, and since will be using a pair of DIY 2-way speakers I'm building, the Mini-A has caught my eye, but I'd like more that 20 watts or so, due to the "average" efficiency of them.

Thirdly, and I know this is a debatable question, what kind of costs am I looking at here? I know it won't be cheap, but can I realisticaly build one for $500 or less? I dont have alot of money due to a divorce and following bankrupcy, and DIY is just the outlet I need to get over all the depression I've been dealing with.

I've searched and read alot on here, but these questions are hard to find answers to. I have Idle hands, and boredom is driving me insane. I need to build. LOL
Thanks for everyone's advice,

MikeW 25th September 2003 05:43 PM

Go to
It will give you the specs.
Transformers and heatsinks will have the biggest cost.

JCoffey 25th September 2003 05:59 PM

Thanks for the link. I've looked over it many times. I was more curious about what I could do to get more or less power out of a particular model.
I have no previous electronics experience until the GC's. But The only way I learn is by hands on. I can read a book and look at schematics all day long, but until I start working on something, it's all greek to me.:dead:

moe29 25th September 2003 06:30 PM

you could probably do Aleph 3 monoblocks for around $500.

you don't have to buy exotic parts for an aleph to sound great.

like said above, your transformers and heat sinks will be the
bulk of your cost.

check out PCB Design for excellent Aleph PCBs.

or etching your own boards is possible, i've seen artwork on the
Forum, just would have to look a bit (Grey posted an Aleph thread with art work.)

Every time you step up a model number with the Aleph's things
get a little more expensive. If you live in an Apartment , an
Aleph 3 will be plenty of power in my opinion.

good luck, and go for it!


JCoffey 25th September 2003 06:51 PM

I like the look of those PCBs alot!

Leeuwarden 25th September 2003 09:24 PM

I used them and they not only look good, but actually are good!
If you can get used heatsinks and new (surplus) powersupply you might actually get a stereo Aleph voor $500,- I have build an Aleph 5 monoblocks for that price each with only surplus elco's for the powersupply.


cowanrg 25th September 2003 10:10 PM

if you want to do it on the cheap, im estimating around $300 or so for a stereo aleph5.

surplus heatsinks (ebay works too)
transformer from avel (partsexpress)
case from par-metal
caps surplus, or ebay

there are the majority of your costs. the boards and parts are easy if you dont go exotic.

jleaman 25th September 2003 10:18 PM

I have invested alot into my aleph 2's over the last year.

Im going to be ordering resisters tomorrow and some fet's. then ill be able to get started. : O ) and actually finnish them.

GRollins 25th September 2003 10:35 PM

There's not that much difference between the Mini-A and the smaller Aleph/Volksamp models. I just did it as a lark. I'm flattered that it has a small following. One of the main benefits is that you don't have to worry about matching the output devices. (You still need to match the inputs.) If you go for one of the "official" Alephs, you'll need to buy more output devices than you need and match them. Some will end up in the junkbox awaiting another project...perhaps a Mini-A later on.
That said, the 30W Aleph would be a good choice. There's no such thing as too much power; that's why they invented volume knobs. It's just a question of transformers and heatsinks, hence money. And, to a lesser extent, MOSFETs.
The thread Moe referred to is called something like The Aleph 2 As A Project. Yes, there's artwork in there. (A quick nod to Geoff Moss for helping me translate it into a format that would post here.) A front end board made with that art will work for any of the Aleph models with minimal to no modifications. The output boards can be cut down or expanded to use for different numbers of output devices.


Brian Donaldson 26th September 2003 03:03 AM

naa don't piddle around with output boards. This is your place to do some industrial point to point with heavy gauge wire and big *** turret terminals. Let the art flow from your soul to your hands to an Aleph. You wont regret it

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