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Professor smith 24th October 2009 08:06 PM

Aksa amp -How far can it go?
I am considering upgrading the rest of my system and I just wondered how far can the aksa go?

It goes well with my 1000 pound speakers but would the aksa be outclassed if the speakers were say 5k or 10k pounds?

What about the cd player? How much of a difference can I expect from the portable I'm using now to something like a benchmark dac?

tinitus 24th October 2009 08:25 PM

I think maybe a better CD player would be worth buying before thinking about 10k pounds speakers :)

But I expect a Benchmark might be the first to be outclassed, if we should use that term

Professor smith 24th October 2009 09:45 PM

really? The benchmark is supposed to be one of the best dacs at any price.

tinitus 25th October 2009 12:53 AM

I doubt that, but we will never know, will we
But dont overrate the importance of CD players
Important fore sure, yes
Speakers are exstremely important
They determine what your hear
Use all the money on speakers, and save up a bit fore the rest:p

gaetan8888 25th October 2009 02:33 AM


I have done comparaisons of CD players, using Dynaudio speakers, wen you use low and mid prices CD players you loss most of the soundstage, as example I compared a Sony cd player with my Denon cd player and the Sony was life-less with a bad soundstage, the Denon was so much better.

If your CD player do have an optical output you can use an external digital-analog converter. I will made my diy digital-analog converter to use it on my
Denon cd player.

All parts of a sound system need to be of equal quality or the lowest quality part will limit the overall quality.



Tliner 25th October 2009 02:42 AM

Hi All,

Refer to Hugh's web site with attention to the amp shoot-out. That article will give you some idea of how Aksa amps perform against very expensive equipment.

Likewise Hugh's VSonic speakers punch well above their weight too, they are well at home in the $A8000 to $A10000 bracket. And if you want more bass, then there is BEN the transmissionline bass extender which puts punch to the bottom end particularly to pipe organ, electric bass guitar and slam to the kick drum.

Food for thought,



rabbitz 25th October 2009 09:09 AM

It's not about dollar matching but component matching.... synergy. Get the system combination right and you have a system that really sings, get it wrong and it sux and dollars have nothing to do with it. You can build a fine sounding system without breaking the bank and it's surprising how little you need to spend, if you get it right.

There are a lot of components that have been dimissed or have had bad reports due to this reason.

The AKSA is very flexible in mating with other components and over 5 years+ have only had one pair of speakers out of scores that didn't mate. Never had an issue with any source as a good source is a good source and a good amp should not get in the way. The only problem I ever had was to get a pre that could do the AKSA justice and not degrade the performance on offer.

I tend to place most of my efforts in speakers as that's my thing so I can tailor to suit the amp etc.

tinitus 25th October 2009 01:12 PM

I have a 300EUR digital television receiver with build in harddisc
I doubt the DA converter is anything special

But I can tell you, some of the life concerts I have recorded lacks NOTHING
I have a quite ok 2000EUR Advantage CD player fore comparison
But I will never buy anything that expencive again

I expect a cheapish DVD recorder to be sufficient to get quite good sound
And btw, my Luxman radio tuner does ok too

I dont doubt a Zanden player will be very special, but I surely would feel strange sitting listening to a 22000USD CD player

Synergy, sure
There are some cases where special lucky synergy makes a system sound much better than could be expected
But I wouldnt put all too much weight on this synergy thing
Ofcourse proper matching is always required, but thats not what I understand as synergy
Synergy is mostly luck, and not to be expected

To repeat, look at your speakers, they are the key

Professor smith 25th October 2009 04:24 PM

I'm interested to know whether the aksa colours the sound at the expense of neutrality and transparency such that it wouldn't be suitable for use in a studio monitoring environment?

gaetan8888 25th October 2009 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by Professor smith (
I'm interested to know whether the aksa colours the sound at the expense of neutrality and transparency such that it wouldn't be suitable for use in a studio monitoring environment?

Hello Professor smith

The Aksa do have a warm sound like tube amp but it is not at the expense of neutrality and transparency, and it is not colouration of the sound.



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