Wiring a toroidal transformer!

Hello everyone!

I have a toroidal transformer and I ask a quick question for the wiring in series.
The transformer is a 2X18V - 300VA (2x20v able).

I have four wire (* red - yellow / * blue - gray) => (* = on).

I need to connect (yellow with blue) or (?????)

thank you and friendly!


2011-11-17 3:49 pm
It's a simple experiment that will cause no harm to the transformer.

Connect Yellow to Blue and measure the AC Voltage across Red and Grey.

If you have the phasing correct you will get the voltage R-Y plus B-G, if you have the phasing incorrect you will get R-Y minus B-G.

If you get the R-Y minus B-G. THEN connect Yellow to Grey and measure across Red and Blue.