Where to get universal (-) strip?

All Troel’s crossovers constructions have universal negative strip. I like the neatness of it and would like to use it in my designs but can’t seam to find it. Home Depot? Lows? Electric stores? Radio Smack didn’t have it.

Btw, Troel seam to like this particular type of iron core inductors. In PE catalog, they are called P-core inductors. I am not sure how they are compared to other iron core inductors but shipping from PE on this parts turned in to a nightmare. Cores are powdered metal and are very fragile. I’ve ordered seven inductors of this type and only two made it in 1 piece the first time. PE agreed to replace broken ones without any arguments and 5 coils were exchanged. Three out of 5 made it ok and PE just send me another 2 free. One of the last two was cracked. Now, it all happens while all these inductors are packed well. All packages from PE were always packed nicely, so my conclusion is that these P-core inductors are so damn brittle that it make sense to order other inductors to save time and aggravation.


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