Where to find 1000uF bipolar for crossover


I am doing a speaker renovation project where I need to locate a pair of 1000uF 100VDC caps - pref. of good quality.
Problem is that I havent found anything beside a Motor starter cap in that size and voltage - but it is an aluminium cap, and I have no clue on how it would sound....

Have also been thinking about using Blackgates, but they dont come in with that voltage, so I would need to use 4 x 1000uF 50V pr speaker to achieve the same - and that is way to expensive.

The company that originally did the caps dont do them any more and the speaker manufactor is out of parts, so that is also a dead end.

Any ideas - that dont kill the budget?
aarsoe said:
should also mention that I have been thinking about using 2 x 1000uF 200V regular caps mounted opposite to create bi-polar function - but I have never heard of anyone doing it for a crossover. So if you have any experience in doing this, please let me know..

You got that the wrong way round. You would need 2x 2000uF 50V caps back to back to make a bipolar 1000uF 100V.