Where have I been ......

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Hey fellow DIY'ers !

This site asked me to introduce myself first before I could jump in and post/reply to my world .

I was born in The Netherlands but live in San Diego , California since 1990. Worked for an electronic service center for about 2 years before opening my own shop called L.A.AMPS.
I have a webpage : www.LAAMPS.com
This will tell you what I mostly do and have .

In Holland I started my electronic hobby by building tube based FM transmitters from scratch . My neighborhood suffered severely by me taking away their TV reception for hours while I was 'testing'.
These illegal pirate stations depended on my supply .
The statue of limitations convinced me to finally admit this .........now

The parts were obtained by junking down vacuum-tube color(!) TV 's that didn't agree with my repair attempts .
These heavy big beasts had to be hauled up 2 flights of stairs and down after operation was completed hence my huge control of balance and risk.

In Holland I studied electronics and basically have updated myself continiously with the newest technolgy by reading , experimenting and just plain guts .

It seems that vintage electronics makes up the most part of my intake for repair therfor my endless search for parts has also filled up my storage with many units for salvage .

Anyway , right now I own the repair facility and have build a reputable business.

In this computer information age it is a must to have the search engine on to find obscure parts . Now , yesterday I decided to register with DIYAUDIO because it came up frequently in my searches but I could never communicate with the posts.

So here I am ............
And I was just looking to get a replacement gear for a THETA transport .
I have searched and found threats but the moderator won't let me reply /e-mail ...yet ...
All in good fun .
I hope to make a lot of friends here .

Drop me a note if you feel like it , I'll be around for help/support/answers and my own searches /questions .



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Cal - that's just a 2 channel system in the photo - I'm looking to go 7.1 (with 3 sub-woofer IB's) and a Sharp 108" HDTV like they just showed at CES 2008. I'm just waiting for the local utility to put in the electrical sub-station next door! Well that and winning the lottery!!:cheers:
Thanks guys !

I appreciate your welcoming words and comments and 'yes' the picture was from a CES show some years back ......impressive to me , maybe not to some other readers , I am sure ....

I just moved and I am just seeing the end of my remodel attempt .
Slowly picking up my work again .

I wouldn't dare to post a picture of my current temporary stereo system.
But just for your curiousity .....its a Sharp , plays the stereo FM , CD(on the top) and has two 4" speakers built in .........ha .....ha ....
However the unit is unrecognizable due to paint , dust and drywall mud is has played all last 4 months on a 9,6 volt solarpanel that charged simultaniously some (RC car) 7,2 Volt NiMh batteries for the dark hours .

The decision to join this forum has already paid of by finding that gear on eBay ( thanks for the tip !! ) .
Just like many of you I also buy/mostly sell on that website .

I apologize for my slow response today ; you don't want to know what part of the sewer I replaced today .....
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