What voltages does a DCX2496 need?

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MikeHunt79 said:

I have now, thanks for the link. :)

I plan to use a computer DC-DC PSU that I have already built. It gives all the needed voltages apart from 9v, which is easy enough to get. :)

Great! Just be sure that the secondary is completely isolated from the primary or you'll have copious amounts of ground loop noise. Not having the isolation has caused many headaches among DIY'ers and put one guy out of the 12V DCX2496 PSU business.

That one guy : http://never.net/powersupply/
Well, my supply is pretty similar to that one guy's, it running buck/boost converters... but I think I will be fine as far as ground loops are concerned... Here's why.

My setup is: hu -> toslink cable -> DCX -> amps

The thing is, the only place I'm going to get a ground loop is between my headunit and DCX as both amps are running from isolated secondaries.

I don't think I'm going to get a ground loop down a toslink cable really. In fact there is someone who is running a very similar setup with an inverter powering the DCX, without issue.

I don't really like mains voltages in my car, hence using my DC-DC PSU I have lying around (otherwise I'd be tempted to pick up a small 50W inverter). I also plan to keep the Behringer SMPS in there also, and have a series of relays in the unit so I can use the unit from both mains and 12v. :)