What to do with some beefy bits


I am going to build a power amplifier after my last attempt at one beat me :mad: .

My requirements are simply;
1. sound as good or better than a Quad 405-2
2. be as powerful if not more powerful than the Quad 405-2

I have at my disposal:
1 x 1KVA torroidal transformer with 40v-0-40v secondary
4 x Philips 10000uf 100V 25.6A ripple current caps
8 x MJ21194 power transistors (NPN)
10 x 2SD424 power transistors (NPN)
BD244C driver transistors and some motorola ones too
loadsa R's and C's
2 x meaty gold coloured heatsinks drilled for 4xT0-3 trannies each

Can anyone suggest Diy projects or clones that would fit my requirement?

Thanks for the reply Jens .

I have looked through the forums and looked at your suggestions, all the amps look quite suitable.

The M250 caught my eye not because of its power output but because the circuit looked easy to construct and i no longer have access to PCB making facilities (for a while anyway).

Is this circuit as good sounding as the Krell and Leach circuits?

Thanks a lot