What the heck is this speaker?

Local ad, maybe for an electric organ or something?

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If it has a blower and a whole bunch of solenoid activated valves (and if the pipes have that special feature like what's in a recorder, I think it's called a labium), then it's a rank of pipes from an organ so it's a type of speaker.

Apparently that's what it's called when a pipe in an organ makes sound (speaking).
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Don't look like organ pipes to me. If it were normal pipes (with a labium) then there should be a way to tune them at the open top. Either a little piece of pipe that slides over it or a piece that is cut out and rolled back. Also would it have a "foot" below the labium. If it would be a reed pipe, the construction would be very different and also there would be a tuning "stick", a piece of metal sticking out at the bottom that has a piece that sit on the reed and canbe moved so it can be tuned. Reed pipes have a bad habit to get out of tune with the labium pipes.

It looks more to me like the resonators of a xylophone/marimba. Other possibility is that it are resonators tacked on to pieces of a reed organ. Either way, very curious piece of thing.
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