well... for interested DIYers, the new Sub. Sim. is finished : )

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The executable program is now available for download; and it has grown to 2.95MB (837kB zipped). The zip file contains the single executable program and the default subsim.clr color configuration file.

Problems fixed:

- Program not accepting comma-separated decimal numbers (as used by some European Windows PCs)

Corrections made to:

- cone excursion curves now show scaled (with sqrt(2.0) curve (instead of rms value). Thanks to Janne for notifying me of the error.

- SPL phase curves

Problems/Corrections to be resolved:

- whatever comes up

What's good with this one:

- better graphing functions (for aesthetics)
- dare I say it now has perfect curve clipping [possibility of curves being drawn outside the silver border is zero]
- horizontal grid lines "follow" the user-clicked Y-axis or last selected curve type in the options window (you'll see what I mean when not all y-axis graph ranges have equal divisions)

New features:

- now shows port excursion curves
- group-delay
- accepts listening room measurement FRD file
- effects of voice-coil inductance shown
- calculation of port length now included
- multiple ports/passive radiators
- curve tracing
- writes FRD files
- user-definable curve colors
- auto-save custom colors
- writes screenshots
- displays none/any/some/all supported box types
- can save/load any/all project/woofer/box files
- user-definable speed of sound/air density


- listening room curves reflect the (vector) sum of the room gain transfer function and subwoofer frequency response. Please correct me if this is wrong. Because the transfer functions are just added, the user may use the feature to apply the transfer function of an equalizer or active filter, but note that the effects of such equipment on cone excursion etc. are not simulated. The user may also load another subwoofer's FRD file to see the effects of its addition to the system.

- curve tracing works by clicking on any visible Y-axis type. tracing of phase plots is automatically enabled when the phase-type Y-axis is visible.

- X and Y axis ranges only accept integers. Instead of using the supplied up/down buttons, users may manually enter max/min values

- except FRD files, it cannot and will not open other files from other programs.

- input FRD files must only have data -- no comments whatsover

- box optimisation is completely disabled and removed from the program -- I'm still working on refinements.

Things to come:

- the program manual is coming up, but most of the required information are self-explanatory anyway. For example, in 6th-Order bandpass 1, it doesn't matter which box is the front/back enclosure 'cause the two can be interchanged without affecting the system output.

- simulation of equalizer/linkwitz transform circuit block.

- maybe even simulation of low-pass active filter, but that is what Crossover Simulator is for.

- Crossover Simulator -- http://www.geocities.com/f4ier/xoversim.htm

More details at http://www.geocities.com/f4ier/subsim.htm

I hope you find it at least partially useful in your projects. Enjoy!


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.