We will be updating our software platform mid-December

We are still using good old software.
The new one will smack you in the face, and in the brain.
It will take more clicks to do the same task.

I hope not?

The current software is not ‘good’ in terms of feature support, updates and :)security sadly. It was abandoned many years ago.

I’m not sure if you’ve used the developers’ replacement XenForo, but nothing takes more work in my experience. Quite the opposite, in fact. It loads faster, works far better on mobile devices, handles copy & paste of images directly into the text box, supports live preview of formatting, handles notifications for subscribed or updated threads way better - quicker to see and read those, from a single drop-down menu.

I’d rather it was done yesterday, especially when using my phone to browse, to be honest :)

von Ah

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2008-02-20 6:33 pm
Maryland, USA
Agreed, Dude111!

Cheers to the swan song of the current version and the celebration of a new platform!


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I can't agree with post #15 more so.

New is not necessarily better. That should be the overriding thought in the minds of everyone involved in this change.

Anything that is popularity based, should be removed from the forum. If one cares about clicking on a Like button, there can go to a Facedork group. This BBS is about information, not popularity.

Given that, having good (meaning useful) search options is critical. Search should be limited to this BBS. If someone wants to go search Google, they can leave the site.

The three most important pieces of information that should be visible at the top of each post are: The user name, the post date and the post number. This information must be in the largest, boldest font. Too many forums, have the post date and join date of the user in the same font and size. No one cares when the user joined the forum and if one needs to know that, they can go to the users public profile.

100% of the text in BBS needs to be selectable with a mouse. Many forums have too much Javascript junk, where one can't select text with a mouse.

Don't break the BBS so that it works poorly for people with computers, so that people using barely functional computers (phones) have an easier time.