Wallin Jig 1 for Speaker Workshop: Wiring Problem?!

I have just made a Wallin 1 Jig (Already bought components before finding the Jig 2) and thought I had done a fairly good job of it. All the resistance checks turned out right so I started calibrating. When recording the 'junk' signal, it produced nice results. When I took away one of the RCA connectors (J2 - Right) the right channel disappeared as predicted...OK so far. However, when it came to doing impedance calibrations, I got a warning signal saying the the connectors are the wrong way around - when I changed them, it read the resistance values correctly.

So now the channels are the wrong way around, it has correctly got the internal resistance values - BUT when I try and do an passive component measurement in CAL1 mode, it says it's an inductor. Moreover, when I swap the RCA J2 and J3 around (Left and Right line in) it still calls the resistor an inductor...

The other problem is that when I try to do impedance measurements on speakers, I get a straight line of about 0.25Ohms and a phase in the shape of a perfect 2nd order high pass filter! I guess they're realeated though...

Any ideas? Sounds like a switch - but I can't find any problems...where should I be looking for the error?!