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2001-09-18 2:33 am
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Pbassred said:
What if I don't want to use the ideal volume? I tell it the size I want to use but it draws exactly the same graph.

There is a range of volumes that will give an essentially flat response, so you don't have to use the WinISD recommended volume.

WinISD does not give the same picture regardless of volume.

Here is graph of the Peerless 260 in two different enclosures, both tuned to 27.95 Hz.

Red is 113 liters.

Blue is 226 liters.

As you can see, same tuning, two different volumes, two different response curves.

As leadbelly said, please tell us which woofer, which Thiele-Small specs, and which size box you would like. We can help you from there. :)


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Actually, It was just out of interest. The question was more of a "what will happen if....?" I am butchering a pair of old cabs to make monitor wedges for stage use. The cabs are only 22.5 ltr. and I have a pair of Audax AP210M0 8"

Impedance 8ohm
Résonance 46.38
Puissance RMS (iec) 50W
Sensibilité (2.83V/1m 90.2

Excursion 3.5mm
Qms 3.30
Qes 0.92
Qts 0.72
Vas 63.751

HIFI is not the requirement for these. In fact in a room already full of bass frequencies, the singer is more concerned with additional middle/high frequencies to guide them.

Just using the project as a learning experience.