Very Impressed with recent purchase!

I have owned several miniDSP products in the past and ordering, delivery and performance has always been great.
I just bought the Flex with Dirac Live and a Mic stand and couldn’t be happier!

The Flex is super easy to set up and get running. Dirac (now DL3) has been improved a lot. DL 3 is super intuitive and the instructions on screen to perform all the measurements is great. I will say that in order to really optimize your results you’ll need to dig down a few more layers in the onion to get all you can out of the Flex.

I also like how you can now switch between configs and the volume is reduced automatically for you and then gradually resumes the same volume eliminating the nasty click that occurred in previous models/versions.

When ordering the Umik 1 you get a small (4” high) tripod in the box but the deal of the century is for $15 get the Mic stand. It is fantastic and stands fully extended about 5’ tall. It is quite sturdy and very compact

All in all I am very impressed with the products miniDSP has produced over the years and they seem to just get better and better with time.
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