Valab TDA1543 Half death....

tony Ma

2011-02-25 10:06 pm
Dear All,

I have this one

Valab TDA1543 USB re Clock DAC MK 1 Luxury Version | eBay

And I did some modification according to this thread

Valab NOS DAC - subjective listening and modifications

After years working fine, suddenly last night become death

Here is the chronology

Working fine after 3 song suddenly there is ZAp noise then completly silent dead

I tried to turn on / off still the same

I change with other one (I need to borrow from my friend who has exactly with mods) and the sound come out normal (i played until 10 more song and no problem)

So I am sure that the problem is my DAC

Any one can give me hints?

Working fine beginning then zap then dead completely (all the light still on, its just no sound)

Help me tks