Utility of this buffer ?


2010-04-20 5:21 pm
Hello all,

I'm here because I have build a power amp base on an Onkyo topology.
The preamp board (build by me) use a NJW1194.

All is nice with a power output from 0 to around 50W, but at this point, I see on the scope that the signal on the output of the NJW1194 is degraded (noise), and the the signal voltage decrease when the power increase !

I seen for example that on the ONKYO A9010 (use NJW1194) that they have added a "buffer" between the NJW and the power amp (L-OUT and R-OUT is the P-amp):


Is it a solution for my issue ?

Without power amp connected, my NJW work fine when I increase the volume, no noise or distortion on the scope.

Edit : I measured 140W RMS with 6ohm load, for information if need
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