Username lists


2017-12-12 4:04 am
South Oz
I was thinking to change my username but the one I was looking to use is apparently in use:


Thing is though, it doesn't show up in the 'registered member list' nor does it show up in the member search:


Why would that be, and can the user list be cleaned up to remove old profiles that never existed?


Paid Member
2004-11-10 8:31 pm
Besides, what's wrong with your name avtech23? It sounds good to me.

Btw, i noticed lots of members with 123 in their name, who never posted anything...not that its against the rules, some members post too much, but some may be nonfunctional.

What happens to members who do not log in in years?


Paid Member
2004-10-07 6:05 am
It is indeed. Sometimes it takes months or over a year, but they get back to me. Most have dropped out of the audio scene, of become so content with their systems they just don't post any more. :)

Apropos your original question: There has been discussion about what to do with old, inactive accounts. With the new forum software inactive accounts will need to rest their password before getting back onto the forum.