Transistors equivalent for amplituner

Hello everybody! I have to remake the audio board for an industrial amplituner. The aplifier module.
The problem is that I don't find the BC239C the low noise transistors for the preamplifier and tone controle.

Here is the diagram. Can be substitued with 2SC1815GR with a hFE of 290 or with a 2SC945P with a hFE of 394? If I put one of those instead of BC239C the audio correction for Tape, Radio and Magnetic Phono will modify?

Also the BC307A from the differential input stage of the power amplifier with a hFE of 120 I cannot find..Can I replace it with 2SA733P or 2SA1015GR?


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Ok, thank you! I'll try to see if I find them. From what I remember I saw in the local shops the BC546 or 547 but with "A" or "B".. If I wouldn't find them it is possible one of the two posibilities? Or maybe a BC109C or S9014C or D? I also checked for BC413 or 414 but I didn't find them; them also were used in such preamplifier because of low noise.

What about BC307A?


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Thank you! I'll try to find them. The big problem, usually is with the pnp transistors.. There are more chances not to find one pnp type, but the preamplifier is important for me because I have a phono at home.. I'll be back with the results when will be done. Is a romanian amplituner which was made with polish components, but assembled in RO. The original amplituner (polish) was Unitra Diora (TOSCA) AWS-303. Until now I "pulled it"on band, to receive 98-107MHz with a converter.