Thoughts on this small BT build?


2018-07-18 11:57 am

I have always wanted to make a small as possible BT speaker, what is the masses thoughts on using

Peerless by Tymphany TC6FD02-04 2" Full-Range Line Array Driver 4 Ohm!

Peerless SLS-85S25CP04-04 3-1/2" Paper Cone Woofer 4 Ohm

and the previously purchased

2.1 Hi-Fi Class D Audio Amplifier Board 2 x 15W + 30W 10-18 VDC

will need to source a bt board and battery circuit, but here goes.

The thought was using a 0.065 cuft enclosure only, have the two 2" front facing and the 3" off the sub channel firing downwards. Not sure if a BSC on the two channels could assist lining up the two graphs a bit better, but considering the board has a low pass filter of i think around that 150hz range, that there could be the possiblility of getting a bit of a bass note. These peerless drivers were apparently designed for half sized enclosures, so on paper they seem like a good fit for a BT battery setup. I was also going to source some rectangular PR's and put them on the ends as i think the port would be too long as size is a factor.

If i was to use all 3 drivers in the one enclosure what issues would i encounter?


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