Those with planars with super crossovers

Those of you with very top quality custom crossovers and cabling for your planar speakers, what kind of leaps have you noticed versus what they were stock? Let's say a Magnepan crossover of today.
I would suspect planars to respond very precisely to improvements in the signal chain. They are not perhaps sensitive but they provide sensitive detail of the preceding chain of electronics.
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I’ve upgraded the caps in Quad 63, Dayton Wright XG 10, Acoustat models 3, 4, and 1100, Martin Logan Request and CLX. Improvement in harmonic structure, smoothness, ambient background retrieval, overall less sense of the crossover point , the system seemed more integrated ( Martin Logan CLX ).
Electrostatics really benefit from better caps (Multicap film and foil with Teflon bypass are my favorites, but expensive - they sure beat the $30 Solens in $35k speakers
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Dave,That joke doesn't hold then you would have to buy the same cable every 20 years because of worn casing,you can renew other capacitors and chokes to probably tune it better.

I don't think you know much about repairing older electronic equipment. Electrolytic deterioration is not an uncommon issue.
Folks who repair said equipment (you're talking to one of them) routinely replace those a matter of course.