The inception


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
> Was Jason congratulating and encouraging himself in the second post?

Looks that way. However when you *finally* get forum software installed error-free, the first test-step is to Post and the next test is to Reply. And he was probably all alone at the moment so indeed he was happily talking to himself. (However it appears there's a month delay between 1st post, 1st reply, 2nd reply, and reply from Different Person. But as noted Jason was also busy with another project.)
Of all the people who viewed my post, you are the only one who empathized with Jason like I did. I understood the agony of waiting for people to join the forum in which he obviously spent time and money to setup.
I met Jason during Burning Amp 2008. He was going around talking to people and asking what meant to them. It was clear that this site is something very dear to him. I told him how important it was to me and how much it added to my enjoyment of the hobby.


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2011-09-07 6:59 pm
Pacific Northwest
It is amazing to start a website and see it take off. I wonder if Jason can identify the seven wonders of this website, in which I mean he says “Oh #%^*, that is cool!”

For me and I’m sure for many, this is my favorite website bar none.

Thank you Jason and also thanks you to the early adopters and helpers that kept this site rolling.