Terminator Dark Fate

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happy new year and very smart comments, the terminator series is a man made terminator, actually we have others hinting at it
1. Galactica
2. Screamers
3. I am mother

At this point in time its unlikely that we will be able to beat these technologies should this ever happen, however note that we have the processing power to make this possible right now
I am mother version two

Rather than wipe out man, version two of mother sends a hybrid to reeducate man before the apocalypse. The hybrid being able to reason as both man and machine bridges the gap

But lets put aside theoretical science fiction and mans rich imagination, what were currently looking at are automated algorithms to fly our planes , be doctor and surgeon, self sustaining farms that can feed the world with no human intervention, comfort robots to take care of the sick and old etc

Robo cops are currently drones but finally we will hand over our security to these robots and algorithms, heres a sub optimal implementation minus the powers thing YouTube
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AI is coming, we cant stop it, its worth too much, the race is on. The worry is, will it be friendly. And because its a race people will take short cuts and risks and we will pay for that.

I want an AI that can help me with the stuff I would like to do but do not have time for.
Like circuit design, finding out which parts to order, perhaps a bit of economic planning, oh! And it must be very adept at sarcasm!
I think that no AI will ever be conscious in the human sense as the human mind is far more complex and nuanced than we, even now, can imagine. The source of consciousness will therefore most probably always elude us. I do think though that AI will be able to eventually mimic consciousness in such a way that it will be indistinguishable from human consciousness in many aspects. The same would most likely apply to ‘free will’.

Ex Machina is an excellent film.
Hah! Like any of us really have this "free will" you're talking about. :D

We eat, drink, sleep, defeceate, urinate, grunt to each other or shout profanities. If we're lucky, our minds "luck out" and get to go dizzy either from our inherent reward system after sexual stimulus, or through some form of substance consumption.

Just about all of our time is spent thinking about or trying to aquire all of the above.

"Free will", Hah! :D
I guess the “free will” part is when we fool ourselves into believing that we have conscious control over which /how many combinations of those primal urges we surrender ourselves to at any given moment- or whether we can overcome their allure and spend our time & resources on “more worthy” endeavours.
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