Tempest Shiva or Titanic???


2001-12-11 8:49 am
I have been doing a lil bit of research lately and i am trying to figure out what driver i am going to use for my home audio sub. Gone is the idea of using my car subs (they belong in a car!). I am stuck between the Adire Audio Tempest, Shiva, or Dayton's Titanic. I am looking for something to play 80% music, 20% movies. I like the idea of a ported shiva, but a sealed tempest (4 cubic feet) would prolly work great in my small room because of the room gain. I have about 500 watts free at 4 ohms, 700 at 2... so im thinking a tempest would be good because of the high power handling. I am just not sure which would sound better for my hip hop music that i am constantly playing. (yes i do consider hip hop music!) If anyone has a good suggestion let me hear it!

I used a Shiva driver in my sub and am quite happy with it. Although it's ported, I needed phase correction for it to properly integrate with my mains speakers, which is common for ported designs. So if you want to go for a sealed design (which I'd suggest if you need a really fast sub), a sealed Tempest would play a little deeper and a little louder than the Shiva or the Dayton, and will handle a little more power. But in any case, all three are great drivers to work with.
There's some cool small sealed box stuff done with the Parts Express 12" DVC. 600W /Good Xmax/Vas of 4.25 ft3....I'm trying to determine a sub for myself at the moment and this might end up being my choice. But I might try to go small budget and do a blueprint 1201 instead for $80.
It sounds like you might be going larger budget than I, but the 12"DVC might be worth a second look. I agree that any of the ones you listed are a good choice.