TEAC VRDS7 repair problem


2010-11-06 9:14 pm
I just replaced the laser lens for my VRDS7. It worked OK for about a week. Then it could not read disc. The problem seems to be the motor or its circuit. When I power on the player, the laser lens moves to the disc but the disc will not spin. There is some noise coming from the motor assembly and when I use my finger to turn the disc, the disc then starts moving and things seem to go back to normal. However, when playing at tracks 3 onwards, there are poping sounds interrupting the music.

I wanted to dismantle the motor but could not separate it from the clamping disc.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help solve the problem.
If it is the variety of vrds mech with the cheap little brush motor to drive the platter, a shot of silicone spray should fix it right up. The motor will have two slots in it on either side of the bearing hub, on the up-facing 'bottom' of the motor. Get a can of electronic-safe silicone(MUST be silicone) based spray lub, which I have found at auto parts stores & even walmart, and just give a good shot of the lub into one or both slots. Then, run a disc, push starting if needed, and run it a bit. Should now work perfectly for the next few years at least.