TDA7294 problem


I've got problem with my TDA7294 amplifier.
When I built it there was no problem, but after few day there was problem.
When I turn it on everything is ok, but after 2 seconds there is a lot of distortion.
Where is the problem?

Here's schematics:
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Thanks, that's fine. :)
You need Symmetrical supplies, meaning if you are using, say, laptop powerpacks as an example, you need two of them.
Suppose they are both, say, 19V supplies.
Then you must connect one of them with negative to ground and positive to +Vs , and the other with positive to ground and negative to -Vs.

Be aware that in that case the amplifier will work properly , certainly loud enough for home use, but you won't have the 70 or 100W possible.
But that's not a big problem.
Sorry but no.
1) first that you connected as suggested in post #4 , and check that proper voltages are present, meaning +12V at the + rail; -10V at the otyer.
This is most important, otherwise you can not proceed.

2) after that, check that you have 0V at the speaker output.
Measure this *without* speaker or you will kill it .

3) *if* you have +12V or -10V at the output, you have killed your amp :(