TDA1553 Help

Hi All!!! :)

I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.

I would like to know if anyone out there could help me with my TDA1553 chips. I got about 30 of these IC's for free at a friend who works at a electronics shop. I don't have a problem designing a amp for this IC, the problem that I have is that those that I got are 18 pins and I have no idea what the pin outs are!! :bawling:

Can someone please help me with this one, as I cannot find a datasheet for the 18 pin chips? They are made by Phillips.


Thanks alot, but it isn't quite what I am looking for. All the datasheets only mention the 13pin version, and mine has 18 pins! :xeye: I have searched the entire internet and all that I can find is datasheets for the 13pin ICs...

I think that Phillips maybe made a numbering mistake on those ICs, the batch code is G02050. I'm going to send them a nice email to find out! Thanx anyway for the help! :)


Werner AKA Sousmielie
Hi All!

Thanx for the replies. I finally got hold of Phillips, and they say that they no longer produce these IC's and that mine might be counterfeit. :bawling:

I actually made a typing mistake, they are 17pins, sorry!

I used the IC's with the circuit of the TDA1558 datasheet and they work perfectly! :)

Well I guess it isn't all that bad, seeing that I got them for free, and I can now build 30 achannel amps! :devilr:

Thanx Alot!