Alright...so...I have eight speakers attached to my stereo system. Two are outside and the other six are inside. The question: Do switches designed for electricity work for audio wires? I assume so, but seeing as I value every dollar...minimal waste is attempted. Eight speakers really eats up watts, and I wish to be able to 'turn off' the inside speakers and allow more power to go to the outside ones without having to manually take the wires out of the back of they machine.
Here's an idea:

Instead of spending your money on an actual speaker switching box, go to the local thrift store, buy a $30 amp or receiver, hook it up to your main amp through the tape out/tape in (or preamp) jacks and run 4 of your 8 speakers off of it.
No impedance worries, no power problems, better overall control.



2004-11-26 3:15 am
you could use switches for the speakers as long as they have enough current handling. perhaps 1 switch that flips several relays might be more convenient.
You likely wont get any more power to the outside ones unless running all the speakers makes the power supply sag signifigantly.