sup newbiw need alittle help

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Perhaps if a moderator sees this he just might redirect it to the 'Solid State' section, but you are just saying "Hi" for the moment..........Do you have a model number for your amp in question?
An ADS PQ20 as you say? Do you have a picture so we can confirm what you have? We might be able to scare up a tech who knows this particular amp, inside and out as they say. Usually there is someone here who has your very same amp...

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Is this it?
A car amp, four channel, moderate power.
Make that the Car Audio section.



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2010-08-28 6:02 am

yep thats it bet yours works. mine just got to hot i guess. running two twelves bridged in this summer heat on certain days it can reach 110 in my car. guess it was just to much to take. burned a channel out. would like to fix it. but i just dont have the know how. plus it 's like 20 years old. dont want to toss it to me its like a classic ( like a zapco) but will prob do just that. thanks people for your responses ..........lates