Sub not working with CD (works fine with radio or iPod)


2007-12-18 1:44 pm
I installed an Alpine CDA-9883 HU, with an Alpine MRP-M450 amp and Apline SWR-1042D 10" subwoofer. When listening to the radio, or iPod, the subwoofer works fine, but when listening to a CD, the subwoofer does not play at all. I did a few searches trying to find the same issue, but did not find any results.

Any suggestions?
jpruden said:
Hi there,

Check where you've hooked up the remote line for your sub amp. If you've hooked it to the power antenna connector rather than the amp remote, you might see this behavior.


/\ Like he said.. and the correct wire will be the blue one with the white stripe. It is on any time the deck is on. The solid blue only comes on when the tuner is on.