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SSE powered up on bench - oh, yeah.

Got my SSE powered up on the bench and have been listening for an hour two now... There was a panicked moment there when I had the wrong device selected through my DAC but other than the momentary misfire - smooth sailing.

Went with the big Edcors, currently listening to the 6L6 but also have the EL34 and KT88s waiting in the wings. Speakers are currently 25 year old Acoustic Energy AE1s. Very happy with the sound. If this gets better with burn in then well holy cow am I happy.

Spun some vinyl for grins on my old Rega Planar 3 but listening now through Audirvana / Schiit Bifrost. Yardwork calls for now so will return to this tonight.

Thanks for everyone who has contributed to this forum - I've trolled these threads for weeks now and attribute the reason this worked for me on the first try to all those who shared their experience here.