Spice Model question

Probably the wrong forum for this question, so apologies in advance. Anyone know where to find Spice models for semiconductors other than from the manufacturer? The reason I ask is that many manufacturers don't seem to provide models for all their components. For example, I am looking for a model for the ZVP3310 but for some reason Zetex's web site only has a model for the N-Channel varient (ZVN3310). Anyone know where I can find the former and other, apparently obscure models?



2000-11-24 12:02 am

I have an old (1996-1998) Zetex library around containing the requested model for the zvp3310. I made an extraction of this model and tested it in Simterix v4.1. Courtesy of Zetex of course.

Here it is:

*ZETEX ZVP3310A Mosfet Spice Subcircuit Last revision 8/98
.SUBCKT ZVP3310A/ZTX 3 4 5
* D G S
M1 3 2 5 5 P3310M
RG 4 2 585
RL 3 5 1E9
D1 3 5 P3310D
.MODEL P3310M PMOS VTO=-2.955 RS=9.658 RD=4.9 IS=1E-15 KP=0.322
+CGSO=19E-12 CGDO=3E-12 CBD=35E-12 PB=1 LAMBDA=6.67E-3
.MODEL P3310D D IS=5E-12 RS=.768