Speaker has light snow/fuzzy sound when idle

Hello, I have finally got a suitable chipamp that you'll suggested.

But now, my question is..

The speaker and amp quality is fine.. but because I have the amp turned up (85-90percent power), I hear snow/fuzzy when nothing is being played through the speaker... Granted, I have to stick my ear right up to the speaker and listen VERY carefully, but the noise is there.

If I leave ths speaker/amp on like this in this state for 24/7, will this have negative effects on the driver or amp?

Or is this not uncommon?



2002-12-04 2:51 am
The noise seems to be at a very low (ie. pretty acceptable) level. However, you seem to imply that the noise is there when you turn up the volume to 85-90% level. If the noise reduces with volume setting, then it's much more likely to be inherent from the source or preamp. Amplifier noise floor remains constant, since the gain is fixed.