Speaker Driver Matching


2010-09-22 2:39 pm
I am planing on purchasing a set (4) of Usher drivers 8948A from PE and am wondering about the importance of driver matching. every driver has a sticker on the magnet showing a scale of numbers between 0.6 to -0.6. One of the numbers is checked on the scale of each driver. I am wondering what it signifies and if each driver should have an exact or similar match. See photo.
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Putting my Sherlock hat on I am going to guess the 88 is the nominal sensitivity rating of 88dB and the -0.2 that is marked there is the measured. So that driver is 87.8. If so I don't think you will notice that small of a difference. I would guess that if the driver falls outside of that scale, it is not sold to the public. All assumptions of course.