Source for Small Fixed Terminal Connectors?


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2004-05-23 10:59 pm
Wynnewood, PA, USA

I have a decent supply of project boards and a bunch of 2- and 3-position fixed terminal connectors. All are compatible with 5.08 mm spacing. Many of my fixed terminal connectors have mounting pins that are too large to fit into the holes on the project boards. Virtually all of the things I build on the project boards involve very low current, so I don't have a need for heavy duty terminal connectors. Drilling out the holes is annoying. Can anyone point me towards a supplier for fixed terminal connectors with very narrow pins (ideally smaller than 0.9 mm x 0.7 mm)?



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Maybe some exist, but personally would just drill the necessary holes using a 1mm drill. so as to be able to use standard available anywhere ones.
Specially since you already have them.

You are starting with an almost right hole so it takes all of 5 seconds per hole, plus it guides the drill.

Guess your pre-perforated boards have 0.85 or 0.75 mm ones?


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2002-09-20 7:20 am
Phoenix MKDSN when you want one of the best. Real brass, real copper spring, durable. As they have brass/copper leads these can be made thinner with a side cutter.

The Chinese and other knockoffs I throw away with a grin. Often made of plated iron. What a garbage.
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