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SoundEasy V21 has been released - very large upgrade.

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Dear All,

With this post I would like to announce the release of SoundEasy V21.

It is a large upgrade. There are 51 items on the upgrade list, instead the usual 25, so this upgrade is the biggest ever. Please review to consider, if this upgrade is for you.

Amongst the improvements, there are five areas, to which I would like to draw your attention:

1. Workflow - V21 has been modified to accommodate workflow described on the first 10 pages of Chapter 18. For new and potential users – if you think you can follow rather simple description on the first 10 pages of Chapter 18, then you should be able to start using SE v21 without major problems.

2. Diffraction Modeller - Has been redesigned and upgraded to Front Baffle Design tool and it now works better with other modules as well as doing its primary job. Includes a few of your suggestions.

3. System Module - It is now a 3D version with adjustable vertical/horizontal viewpoint, and has several graphical and functional improvements.

4. Wavelet Analysis – Has been expanded, has a new mother wavelet and has very significant improvements in processing power and accuracy. Includes many of your suggestions. Multi-threaded CPU is needed now.

5. EasyLab system – Incorporates a large number of improvements, and many of your suggestions, including WASAPI 16/24bit drivers for all measurement functions. Again, please refer to Chapter 18 for a more complete description of example settings of your motherboard audio (important!).

The detailed list of upgraded/new features and new manual chapters have been already uploaded onto my website (and can be further changed if necessary), so please have a look if you are interested in more details of this upgrade. Please refresh your browser’s bookmark, if necessary.


For your upgrade, please contact me directly: bohdan@bodziosoftware.com.au

Best Regards,

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.