Some help needed on my B3N OB computer speakers

I built these speakers months ago as a test, never hearing an OB speaker before. I'm really liking the sound of them but was wondering if adding some side "wings" to these would benefit them?

As a test I placed a CD jewel case on each side of a speaker, effectively making the baffle an extra 12" wider. The sound seemed a little bit fuller, with more upper bass and lower mids (I don't have a very good distinguishing ear, but I think those were the regions). I then tilted the jewel cases 45 degrees back and didn't notice much of a difference. After moving them 90 degrees back, effectively making a speaker box minus the back piece, more upper bass / lower mids came out, but I "think" it sounded a little muddied. I do have my computer's EQ in Media Player with the 31hz and 62hz all the way down, which is probably -6 or -12db. Even after turning the 62hz back to normal I can't tell a difference, because I doubt these little guys can even reproduce any usable output at that frequency.

So, do you guys have any recommendations as far as making OB computer speakers with these guys? I could also use a little bit of placement advice. Right now they're about 12 inches from the back wall, and roughly 3 feet away from my ears, creating an equilateral triangle. Would moving them a bit further from the wall help, or is keeping them in an equilateral triangle better? I will be building a sub for these in a few weeks with a single PE DVC 8" sub using dual passive radiators and a 70w plate amp, which will have an F3 of around 43hz.

Thank you VERY much for any help!


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